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preparation (note-to self)

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self preparation:
- jogging
- eye lash curling
- anti-cellulite cream
- bust massage

to buy/prepare for packing before expedition:
- birkin-like sandal
- one piece swimsuit
- travel size toothbrush
- clean & clear small facial foam
- camera charger
- moleskine notebook?
- watercolor-able sketchbook

academic/job preparation:
- new semester registration
- call U for internship report
- finish watercolor paint
- buy laptop >_<;

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Hai, salam kenal!

View 001 Java - Bali Backpacking on gorgeous2x's travel map.

Hi. So, first entry this is. :)
Salam kenal (means "Nice to know you" in Bahasa Indonesia)

I'm an Indonesian.
I love travelling eventhough I don't really have that much of money for this lol. I guess I inherited this from my parent. My late father loves backpacking very much while my mother is a city traveller. I remember when I spend my childhood with my family in Palembang, South Sumatra while my relative live in Jakarta so my family always travel to Jakarta at least twice a year. Our financial wasn't really good back then so we always use road trip by our beloved old Toyota Jeep car. The road from Palembang to Jakarta isn't really smooth and it's hot. But I always remember how I love the palm field, the sunset, the Bali transmigrant's village, the natural honey we buy, and many other thing.

I already travel to most places in Sumatra, Java and Bali. But after I move to Bandung to continue my study in design major, my father got cancer and my family move to Jakarta and we rarely gone to another trip anymore.

After my father passed away, my mother decided to dedicated her life in a social community for charity. She now travel to different places in Indonesia to help poor people.

And me? I want to made my own page. Being a citizen of the world has always be my passion. To be able to travel all around the world is my biggest dream. I almost forget about it until my friends asked me to join their trip to Java-Bali to celebrate their graduation.

I hope this will be my time to open another page of my dream.

Now, let's have some fun!

ps. my English is very poor but I'll try my best to write this blog :)

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